Galaxy platform
Galaxy platform
Galaxy platform

   Galaxy, from DEK, redefines the upper performance limit for high accuracy mass imaging platforms. Featured for advanced semiconductor packaging applications and high precision next generation SMT assembly, Galaxy is engineered to deliver new levels of throughput, yield, repeatability and utilization.
   • Process alignment capability 2 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm 6-Sigma
   • Machine alignment capability 2 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm 6-Sigma
   • 7 seconds cycle time ( 4 seconds with RTC option )
   • Product changeover in 2 mins * New product set-up - under 10 mins
   • HawkEye® 1700 post-print verification
   • Remote operation, monitoring and diagnostics
   • DEK Instinctiv V9™-equipped: TTG, on-board help and error recovery
   • SMEMA-compliant output interface to downstream placement/grid array reflow
   • Linear motor technology for ultimate speed and accuracy
   • High accuracy applications at wafer, substrate and board level
   • True remote operation for extended periods with only minimal maintenance and adjustment
   • Instinctiv™ enables faster setup and first print, lower operator training and easier error avoidance
   • Advanced mechanical features including linear motor technology enhance speed, accuracy and reliability
   • Standard tooling bed accepts compatible tooling options including for arrayed singulated substrates
   • Fast changeover for rapid reassignment as business demands dictate
   • ProFlow® DirEKt Imaging technology enables predictable, repeatable ball placement for solder balls
   • Advanced optics and lighting for faultless optical inspection at high-throughput
   • Direct interface with DEK wafer loader, fluxing station
   • SMEMA-compatible with DEK wafer loading and substrate fluxing solutions

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