The endoscopic inspection system BGA.Inspector permits a comfortable examination of electronic components, from BGAs to flip-chips

The BGA.Inspector is a comfortable, easy-to-assemble system with XY-table and specimen holder which permits a fast and efficient positioning and inspection. Different available camera types allow to choose between different resolutions. The widely adjustable high-power LEDs provide exact illumination of the inspection field. Locking brakes reduce the movement of the XY-table to one direction, if desired.


  • system can be upgraded
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • for inspections of electronic parts, from BGAs to Flip-Chips with stand-off < 80µm
  • EBP for ESD protection
  • different cameras with different resolutions available
  • magnification up to 450x (on 24" monitor)
  • optics easily exchangeable
  • endoscope pivotable independently from additional light source
  • encapsulated prism system
  • prism protection system (reduces risk of damage)
  • USB connection
  • modular high-power LEDs
  • light source with 30.000h working life
  • seperate front and back light control
  • rotary back light adjustable with 2 degrees of freedom
  • remote control of front and back light as well as specimen illumination
  • XY-table with fine adjustment and locking brakes
  •  rotary magnetic table with specimen holder


Software IMXpro

  • BASIC Version (included)
  • image storing in various formats
  • function for measurements in still and live images
  • Expansion modules
  • Image merging
  • 3D model generation from several images
  • video recording
  • live streaming (LAN or internet)
  • Professional + Database Version: project and image administration, defect image database, statistics functions, report generator, back-up function, user rights administration


Technical specifications
Dimensions (WxLxH) 616mm x 360mm x 337mm
Weight 19700g
Protection class 3 DIN EN 61140, VDE 0140-1
ESD-protection Bonding point
Ambient temperature max. 45°C
Supply voltage 12V DC
Power input 2,5 A max.
Pivoting range of camera head 0° +/- 15°
Traverse path of XY table X: 230mm Y: 230mm
Traverse path Z-axis 60mm
Moving mechanism XY-cross table with fine adjustment

Camera 1-Chip CCD with dig. signal processor
Colour depth 24 bit RGB
Connection USB 2.0
Magnification 450x (on 19" monitor)

Front- and back light High-power LED white, separately controllable
Object illumination High-power LED white

System requirements
Image resolution at least camera resolution
Processor 2,5 GHz Core2Duo or better
Graphics card min. DX9 compatible
Operating system Windows XP or Windows 7 (32bit)