Two-Pack ESD Paint E30
Two-Pack ESD Paint E30

   Electroguard E30 is a Two-Pack Water Based, Static Dissipative Polyurethane paint. It offers an inexpensive yet high specification means of protecting sensitive areas from the costly effects of static build up and provides a means of grounding personnel.
User Friendly
   Electroguard E30 is easily applied and maintained and consists of two components, pre-measured for convenience. It should not be confused with more expensive multi coat systems which require installation by specialist contractors and which fail to meet specification with wear. The paint can be applied by brush or roller and the equipment may be cleaned after use in warm water.
   Electroguard E30 has excellent chemical resistance, can be easily cleaned and as a Polyurethane Paint it can withstand very heavy traffic wear. The paint has an attractive satin finish and is available in Light Grey, nearest to BS 00A05.
   Two coats are recommended for best results and should be applied over a sound, sealed floor, free from dirt, oil or any loose particles. It is strongly recommended that E30 be not applied over bare concrete. Where this occurs a Water Based Epoxy Primer should be first applied.